Thursday, February 3, 2011

Black Bean Brownies: Ew? I think not!!

      Let me begin by informing you that everything is indeed delicious with Ghirardelli chocolate. Anything. Now I've been hearing about these 'black bean brownies' for quite a while, and whilst they did seem like a healthier way to get my chocoholic-chocolatey-chocolate fix, it is kinda hard to get past the fact that they are black beans. No matter how delicious they are wrapped in a burrito, or folded into some paella or arroz con pollo, they are black beans! Putting them into something sweet??? Are you nuts? I mean, I have myself said that Tabasco sauce is so almost orgasmically delightful that it would taste good even on ice cream, but does that mean I'm crazy enough to try it? Not quite.

    Well thank goodness I tried these little babies! Not only did they turn out fudgy and thick, but they've got absolutely zero black bean flavor trail (to the untrained palette I suppose). They're an almost dairy free and totally guilt free way to indulge your sweet tooth, without indulging your scale.

Smothered in a quickly improvised Ghirardelli frosting.

       If you are feeling daring and want to cross into the dark side, the brownies await you. Recipe found here.

Coming soon-ish, I shall reveal the meaning of life. Until then, these brownies shall suffice.

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