Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black Swan(again) and a lot of food.

  I like how they're so casual - adult evenin' 

  Went to see Black Swan again tonight with my sister Melly and my mom, and I must say - like Inception - it's much better the second time around. I almost cried..But then again, I cried at Showgirls. (Crap, I think that was one of those things I shoulda kept to myself :P) But before we went to the theatre, we indulged in a feast of kings at Jung's Mongolian Grill.

     If you're not familiar with Jung's, it's kinda like a buffet - you get a bowl to fill with an array of veggies and meats, then sauces, which they cook right before your eyes on a wok-like thingy (the real word escapes me). Yes, I said buffet, so it means all you can eat! Although the food is so rich and yummy, I really can't do more than one bowl. 

The end results, all of my veggies cooked in a peanut curry sauce, with my love Sriracha on top!

        After finishing our meals, I (with my insatiable sweet tooth) decided it was time for dessert, and thus we headed to The Divine Cupcake and Sweet Life Patisserie to feed the craving.

     At Cupcake, we ran in to grab a Thin Mint - a chocolatey minty concoction. My sister Melly had an Irish Cream Cremosa, which she said was delish.

Vaguely reminiscent of the beloved Girl Scout cookies.

She may be camera-shy, but it's still a nice picture of her :P

Much better!

       Now, come on Megan, you must be full by now! Ahhh, did you forget who you're talking to?? I am a fattie in the true sense of the word! I did not get the  chocolatey, gooey bliss I was searching for. Which takes me to my next topic:

The Black Bottom Cupcake.

         You see, here in Eugene we have a little gem of a bakery called Sweet Life. And those who know of it surely know of a shining star in the display - The Black Bottom Cupcake! Oh baby, this beauty is so delicious and rich that you may in fact gain 20 lbs just by looking at its picture! Gooey golden cheesecake studded with velvety chocolate chips lies above a buttery dark chocolate cake! I know, cheesecake AND chocolate! A fattie's dream!

I wanted to get a picture of it half-eaten, however I couldn't bear to set it down for two seconds to take the picture :P

     My sister says it, and it's true - I am the only foodie who can eat like a hog and still lose weight.. I need to buy new jeans, these ones won't stay up!

       Now, must...sleep... but I do hope you will have sweet dreams, filled with cheesecakes and Sriracha sauce, and maybe even skinny ballerinas going absolutely bonkers to a damn Russian dude's composition. Well, maybe not so much the last one. Goodnight friends :)

Edit: I was browsing Youtube for Swan Lake videos, and had to post this! Watch their legs!!!

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