Monday, January 31, 2011

Portland and the wonders of French food.

     Oh, it is good to be back. To those not in the know, we escaped - albeit briefly, to Portland for the concert of a little band called Interpol. It really was a trip for my sister, but I myself did enjoy the concert. Something about live music. 

     They performed quite a bit of their oldies, which was great for Melly, since she says their newest album was as well their worst. Although we weren't allowed to film the performances (for fear of unlawful distribution), a few people did, and for that I thank them! Give 'em a listen:

     We laid our heads down on a plushy bed at the downtown Marriott. We had a lovely two bed river-view room. Nice hotel, snobby people. The crowd was either froofy little trophy wives or has-been froofy little trophy wives. I have learned that I rather dislike rich people. 

     Shortly upon arrival, we went downstairs to a sports bar/restaurant (yeah, that's sooo us..) where Mom had a chicken parmesan above a bed of mashed potatoes (very good, she says.), which I managed to steal a couple capers from! Melly had a cheeseburger (absolutely dry and flavorless, she tells me.) with some fries. I had a miso-glazed salmon fillet served with rice, bok choy and a lemongrass broth (good, but nothing special.). I didn't get pictures, but they weren't really worth it anyway.

    We waddled with bellies full of food back to our hotel room, where I took a quick nap (after all, I'd been running on 4 hours of sleep), and the other girls watched some high definition tv. Gotta love fancy-ish hotels. 

    Upon waking and dressing, we stumbled and found our way slowly to the Roseland Theater. Long line, but worth the wait. We were relatively close to the stage, save a tall guy here or there. The only misgiving I did have was that we arrived waaay to early by my standards. I am not a fan of watching opening bands, let alone when we are RIGHT NEXT TO the speakers! Some people may enjoy the heart thumping beat, but I think that no stinky, sweaty hipster is worth doing irreparable damage to my heart. (no offense, hipsters.)

     Once the band came out, there was just this amazing energy that filled the room. Everyone were so excited, and it just revs you up. I can honestly say it was the best concert I've been to to date.

   But ugh, I wish I'd worn some heels. Dang tall people getting the best view at concerts!

    Ooh, I even snagged a cute little shirt!
lol, it says Interpol.. Don't mind it being backwards..

       The next day we drove a little outside of downtown to a French bakery. St. Honore Boulangerie is a cute little shop just off of 23rd Avenue in Portland. I do wish we'd have been there in time to get a table, but taking some to go was good enough! Oh myyy was it good enough!

  Melly got a Tarte au Citron, a flaky pastry crust filled with a creamy, luscious lemon custard filling. I had a taste, and it was similar to good 'ole lemon bars.
Oooh la la.

      Mama got a Tarte Pont Neuf Blueberry, fresh blueberries baked into a puff pastry shell and covered in a custard souffle! :O
Excuse me while I drive back to Portland.

        But the real delight was the dozen-bag we picked up of their famous Chouquettes, little puffs of pate a choux, baked and covered in rock sugar!
Kind of like a slightly healthier and much more delish doughnut!

       Once I was able to calm the shaking, crying and severe convulsions that I now have come to know as withdrawals from St. Honore, we arrived in Eugene. A bittersweet moment, really. We dropped Mama off at home along with our bags so she could take a quickie nap. 
    Melly and I had some lunch at Cafe Yumm, she had a Yumm wrap, and I had the tempeh Yumm bento - a teriyaki-glazed tempeh skewer served atop some brown rice and accented by some amazing Asian slaw. OoOoHhh! Please sir, may I have some more?
Meh..not a good picture but it was uber bright in there!

          This truly was a mini-vacation to remember! I now know:

1. Don't everrrr have Mama drive on a road trip (she will go nuts)
2. Did I mention I really hate rich people??
3. St. Honore Boulangerie might make me renounce any religious ties and bow to their god-like wonders.

New posts coming soon.

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