Thursday, January 27, 2011

A personality discovery of epic proportions.

      Cannot wait for the Interpol concert this Friday! Not a bad band. Well, kinda being drug by my hair to it by Melly, but nonetheless I do love concerts and definitely adore Portland..It's just so.. so..... Oregon. However, the real tough one is deciding where to dine. Although the most likely decision will be room service in the hotel, watching re-runs of Law & Order (aka doink doink, to a certain few stinky Aunties who live in ND and grace us with their presence every 1-2 years :P ). And I actually don't mind that option, it's kinda nice to lay back in some sweats, hair in a bun, stained old shirt, not worrying if you have a smudge of ketchup on your clothes, and swearing like a sailor fresh onto shore leave. Although that does rule out any chance of wooing the cute room service guy who winked at you in the hallway.

    I've also made an interesting discovery today - the Truth Game on Facebook. I'm not sure if you've ever looked at what some people have answered about you before, but it can either be weirdly flattering or kinda rude. Although no matter what the answer, it does provide the sh*ts and giggles you may have been searching for. For example:

Do you think that M has junk in their trunk?                Yes
Do you think that M is a jerk?                                  Yes  (hmm, nice. thanks.)
Do you think that M is smarter than George W. Bush?  Yes 
Would M make a good spouse?                                No   (I lol'd)
Do you think that M has a bad haircut?                      Yes  (Wow?)
Do you think M has good taste?                               Yes  
Do you think that M has ever skinny dipped?              Yes   (Hmm..)
Would you trust M with your life?                              No    (Good idea, I'd run)
Do you think that M is religious?                                Yes  (Wow, they don't know me)
Does M have a nice smile?                                      Yes  (First nice one yet :P )
Do you think that M is cute?                                    Yes (Actually, quite a few said yes to that one)

     What I learned? People can be real ballsy on the internet, it seems. Did I mention this is all anonymous? So not only do your friends answer all these questions, but you don't really ever know who said it about you unless you pay the $$. Nice one, Facebook, nice one. But the real lesson learned here is that I am a cute religious jerk with a bad haircut but a nice smile. I could roll with that one. Been called worse in my day.

   Well, this is supposed to be a food blog, so I must go onto the topic everyone's been waiting for. Sometimes I sit back and wonder if the good folks at Market of Choice think I am a bit of a stalker. I do go there 1 to 3 times a week. I mean, at the rate I'm going I'd be willing to bet I am their most highly valued customer. 
      I think it's kind of like McDonalds. They know they shouldn't be serving that crap to you, but they know if they do stop, they're gonna lose some major revenue. Ah, quite a trainwreck really.

      Tonight we stopped at the Market off Franklin Blvd. Melly got a Chocolate Orange cake, and I got a Chocolate Raspberry cake, and some spicy tofu sushi for tomorrow...Mmm, sushi.

The orangey carbohydratey goodness.

Almost brownie-like, and filled with raspberry jam.

Don't mind my mouth watering.

      Oh yeah! How could I forget, I got a Sailor Jack for breakfast tomorrow! To those unaware of the magic that is a Sailor Jack, it's a spice cake muffin coated in a silky, sugary glaze and each bite comes with the occasional rum-soaked raisin. Kind of like a gingerbread cupcake!

      Starting next week, I want to start featuring a lot more of my own recipes. That's pretty much the reason I started this thing, so I better keep up with it! Lol. I do love going out to eat, but it's burning a hole in our pockets and stretching our pants. Plus, nothing quite compares to a home cooked meal. Well.. Going to retire for the night - gotta get a lot of things ready for the weekend tomorrow and I'm really a joy to be around when I don't get enough sleep! I will probably be on a four-day-weekend hiatus, but I plan on returning Sunday or Monday. I know it's difficult, but try and survive without my blog updates. It's becoming a problem. Back away slowly. . . .

Until then my loves, Goodnight.

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