Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Market of Choice 1/26/11

Oh boy, do I love Market of Choice! They just have really, really good soup. And salad. And sandwiches. And brownies. And cakes. And.....Oh just go try it for yourself already! The groceries section offers a wide selection of healthy, organic options, and a nice spice aisle full of exotic flavorings. Close family and friends know very well how quickly I'd give my right arm for a lifetime supply of Market. Well... at least a really good discount!

I know this is a pretty lame first real post, but hey - don't judge my Market!! 

Last night, I ran into MoC to pick up some lunch/dinner for today :)
What ensued may only be truly savored through pictures!!!

                                            Ahh, the Spelt Scone. VERY good!

Looks healthy enough, right? Wholesome walnuts and raisins nestled between the buttery spelt base and hearty oats.

Whaaaat? And it's cheap??

Nom nom nom.

And nowww, the king of all kings. The Mandarin Green Beans. More addictive than potato chips. And yes, I do have to capitalize the whole thing! 

Dun..dun...dun dun!!! Oh baby.

Not a horrible list of ingredients. 

Not bad!

MmMmm :D

        Gonna go see Black Swan for a second viewing tonight! Really good movie - intense, but good. Highly recommended. It's so well directed, plus the soundtrack is gorgeous(gotta love Tchaikovsky, a classic). I admit, I was shaking when it was over...But who cares, you can pay for the therapy later! Or maybe I'm just a wimp...? Most likely the latter...

      Anyway, I do believe my tummy is happy with me today! Go on, try the Green Beans! And no, kneeling before them and praying to their holy majesty doesn't look stupid. We've all done it before.

To sir, with love - Meg. (always wanted to use that one!)

P.S. If Natalie Portman doesn't win the Oscar for Swan, I WILL go apesh*t on the Academy. Thank you, good day.

I leave you with She & Him. Oh, you love it! 

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